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Online training until Nov 8th

Updated: Nov 1, 2020

*updated Nov 1st*

We continue on Zoom and YouTube Because of the state of the pandemic and public health guidelines, we will continue remote teaching for now. The following information is valid until November 8th; after that we will publish a new schedule.

Get your attendance for the video trainings! Record attendance for October 5–18 here

Trainings in the next two weeks We encourage children's groups to do two training videos from YouTube each week and come to Zoom class on Saturday. Zoom training for teens and adults is on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday (not Friday). We also include suggestions for Youtube videos for these groups. Zoom Training Schedule Mon 17:30–18:30: Zoom training with Edda (teens/adults/meistaraflokkur) Wed 17:30–18:30: Zoom training with Jonni (teens/adults/meistaraflokkur) Thu 17:30–18:30: Zoom training with María (teens/adults/meistaraflokkur) Sat 10:00–10:40: Zoom training with María (4.–6. flokkur) Sat 11:00–11:40: Zoom training with María (1.–3. flokkur) All Zoom trainings can be accessed through this link.You can also use the following access info: Meeting ID: 354 551 4003 — Passcode: karate The Zoom software is availiable for computers and phones. We encourage you to download it and set it up before the first Zoom class. Youtube trainings for 4.–6. flokkur Training 1: Yokogeri Training 2: Mawashigeri Training 3: Útiæfing með Árna Training 4: Either repeat Kihon Kata or try Heian Shodan Youtube trainings for 1.–3. flokkur Training 1: Ushirogeri Training 2: Kumiteæfing – kizamizuki og mawashigeri Training 3: Pick one of the following kata trainings: Kihon KataHeian ShodanHeian NidanHeian Yondan Training 4: Sparkæfing með Jonna (note: this is an adult class and may be challenging – but definitely worth a try!) Youtube trainings for teens, adults and meistaraflokkur Training 1: Ushirogeri Training 2: Katasyrpa Training 3: Kumiteæfing – kizamizuki og mawashigeri Training 4: Meistaraflokksæfing með Birki

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